SeeClickDeter: Keep Out

What should a Town do when one business leaves, creating a vacancy? Stand idly by and make sure the property owner repels any future tenants, thus making an eyesore on a highly visible section of Main Street:

KeepOutSalem 7_10_14b

In one resident’s words: “How long are we supposed to look at these? Right on Main Street at the old Salem Five.”

That’s a great question. And it’s not like there is only one over there…

KeepOutSalemCount 7_10_14d LG

So we basically said good-bye to Salem Five and replaced it with the “Stoneham Four.”

KeepOutSalem 7_10_14

I can’t help but wonder… if Stoneham’s Town Administrator and DPW Director actually lived in Stoneham, would they take a little more pride in our community?

KeepOutSalem 7_10_14c

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