SeeClickSchooled: Walk This Way

Summer’s over, school’s back in session, which means so is SeeClickYikes! And based on the recently poured sidewalk at Colonial Park Elementary, it looks like kids aren’t the only ones who need to be in class. Someone needs some remedial courses on how to complete a landscaping project:

SidewalkSchool 9_17_14e

And I do love the ever so popular “orange cone bandaid” that seems to be the common Stoneham cover-all:

SidewalkSchool 9_17_14d

SidewalkSchool 9_17_14c

SidewalkSchool 9_17_14

According to the SeeClickFix post, this sidewalk project was done in August.

So in grading this work, SeeClickYikes gives this one a D, and that is only because of how the actual sidewalk surface came out.

Have a photo you feel gives low marks to our community standards? Send it to

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