SeeClickCommunity: Protection & Pride

TriCommGreenWalk LG
Scenes from the May 2014 Walk Along the Greenway/ Bikeway

Protecting Tax Payers’ Interests… Public Safety Improvements… Community & Town Pride Enhancements… Collaborations with Our Schools & Town Assets… Community Beautification… Long Term Planning… Transparency… Town Planner… Long-Awaited Bikeway / Greenway Progress

What do all of these achievements have in common?

Tom Boussy made them a reality without a tax increase on residents, all through a new approach to town government.

In continuing with why Stoneham residents should re-elect Tom Boussy, beyond the uphill battles he faced in his quest to better our community, let’s take a closer look at what Tom’s “Protecting Tax Payers’ Money” efforts over the past three years looks like:

* Identified mitigation funding at Fallon Road, reserved a portion to invest in a Town Planner, recently hired. Stoneham was the only community in the area with a vacancy in this important role. Hiring a Town Planner was one of Tom’s initial campaign promises;

* Negotiated $100K in mitigation money from a new developer. Tom ensured that the town would realize direct benefits and specifically set the money aside for new concrete and granite sidewalks and some road safety improvements;

* Recognized an unused portion of the Town Planner’s salary due to her later-than-anticipated hire date and utilized it to fund an innovative Downtown Façade Program. Tom conceptualized this program as initiative to encourage business owners to invest in a cohesive exterior creating a visually pleasing downtown and giving our new Planner a tool for success;

* Secured outside grants from private, state and federal sources. Utilized funding to launch Open Checkbook to residents which allows anyone to see all municipal spending;

* Protected taxpayer trash fee by establishing a dedicated revolving account to isolate this money. In the past excess funding was moved to other parts of the budget. Tom mandated this money to be used only for trash related items. A result was the reduction of the trash fee to residents with a goal of eliminating it completely;

* Protected the financial stability of retirees on fixed incomes. Tom will continue to protect the financial interests of our seniors who have worked so hard for us.

* Continued to advocate for internal efficiencies and new sources of revenue to reduce the town’s dependence on residential property taxes.

BoussyFMbgr LG

Coming in June 2015: Stoneham’s Brand New Farmers Market! Thank you, Tom.

While Tom has been cleaning up dollars and cents, he also has made strides towards creating a closer sense of “Community and Pride”:

All residents love to hear outsiders express their love of our town. It is important to our economy that we attract young families to invest as homeowners and to provide incentives for new businesses to set up shop. Both of these sectors help raise tax revenues and alleviate the tax burden placed on property owners. In addition, Tom wants to internally build community by creating opportunities for residents to come together for celebration and fun. To accomplish this Tom has:

* Worked hard to build community within Stoneham by bringing more programs and events to the Town Common for all ages, including a proposed winter ice skating on the Town Common and seasonal events like the new Halloween pumpkin walk;

* Coordinated the impending launch of the Stoneham’s new Farmers Market by petitioning for the reinstatement on the Town Common, soliciting resident input by sponsoring and manning a table at Town Day and assembling a Farmer’s Market Committee with the goal of a Spring, 2015 launch;

* Single-handedly launched an exciting Fall, 2015 Food Truck Festival scheduled for October. Not only will this increase community spirit but it is also a great economic opportunity for local businesses to increase visibility to those that attend from outside of our community;

* Recognizes the importance of reinstating the Stoneham Parks & Recreation Department.

* Tirelessly advocated for the Bikeway / Greenway (BWGW) Project. Tom recognized the value this new asset brings to our community. Not only will Stoneham capture the major portion of a $5.5M state investment, but we also obtain an enviable new asset that will connect schools and neighborhoods. This asset will come with major safety enhancements and is a valuable business development tool. Tom worked to overcome obstacles of this proposal and communicated benefits to residents resulting in an overwhelming approval.

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 vote for continued, steady progress. Re-elect Selectman Tom Boussy.

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