SeeClickBloat: Water Weight

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday’s blog post regarding the Weiss Farm site walk with the Conservation Commission resulted in a number of great responses, both via email and in the post’s comment section.

There are a few I will share, and I wanted to start with this one from Selectman Ann Marie O’Neill:

Hi Liz,

Your pictures on SCY are very compelling and definitely help to illustrate how grave the situation is at Weiss Farm. Thanks for sharing your talent to reach more people.

One thing all citizens of Stoneham need to understand, whether they live near Weiss or not, is the sheer magnitude of this development. Below is the prototype for Weiss Farm – the Commons of Lynnfield. Note that the building is too large to fit in the photo.

There are 3 of these buildings planned for Weiss. The photo below is the Corcoran development in Lynnfield along Route 1, a major highway. This is the model for Weiss Farm, the only difference is that the development on Route 1 is actually SMALLER than what is planned for Weiss.

Now imagine the weight of three of these buildings, a clubhouse, a pool, and a parking lot which will accommodate almost 500 cars on the site at Weiss. What do you think will happen to the water when this weight is put upon the site? If anyone has a good camera and can take photographs of the Commons at Lynnfield and blow them up to truly illustrate what we are facing, more people might take notice.

Thank you,

Ann Marie O’Neill