SeeClickConsider: Letter From Selectman Ann Marie O’Neill


From Selectman Ann Marie O’Neill:

—–Original Message—–
From: Ann Marie O’Neill
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 9:41 PM
To: Stoneham Community
Subject: The Selectman Election – April 7th

Next Tuesday, April 7th Stoneham residents will vote for two candidates to represent their interests on the Board of Selectmen. This is a big race because 40% of all decisions made over the next three years will be made by whoever holds these two seats. Recently the candidates participated in “The Candidates Forum,” more popularly known as “The Debate.” I have included the link below, the first 18 minutes is the Moderator’s debate.

Courtesy of Stoneham TV

I encourage you to watch, listen, and decide who will best represent you over the next three years. I respect all perspectives and regardless of who you vote for, the important thing is that you exercise this hard fought for privilege. If you have children, take them with you, it’s a great example. Personally Tom Boussy has my vote. Three years ago Tom stepped forward as a complete unknown. Tom questioned why we weren’t doing better as a community, why our services were decreasing and our fees increasing. In three short years Tom brought unprecedented reform, budget transparency, and innovation to Stoneham. I would like to see our community continue in this direction. For more details on Tom’s impressive list of accomplishments, and to see his future goals, please visit his web page –

Tom Boussy’s Accomplishments (aka- all the reasons to re-elect Selectman Boussy)

The Moderator is another important, contested position up for election. The Moderator presides over Town Meetings, is required to keep order, and have an intimate understanding of Robert’s Rules of Order – the practice Stoneham abides by during Town Meeting. In addition the Moderator appoints members to the Finance and Advisory Board and the Bike Committee. Current Town Moderator, Larry Means, was the only candidate to show up for this portion of the Candidate Forum. I have seen Larry keep order during meetings that were spirited. He is fair, respectful and understands the format to which our town subscribes. Larry has my vote!


Thank you for your time. As always, please feel free to share, and please vote on Tuesday, April 7th!

Ann Marie