SeeClickGreen: Happy Earth Day!

Since today is Earth Day, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate two of my personal “hometown heroes:” Stoneham residents Cameron Bain and Cindy Hemenway.


For several decades, Cameron was the one lone soldier who fought to make our community a better place:

Thank You Mr. Cameron Bain
By Frank Pignone (Open Post) May 19, 2014

Today May 19 marks the Anniversary each year of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. In our Town we enjoy our own wonderful and well run organization. It is here all because of one caring man who many years ago as a young man had a dream of starting a Boys Club in his community for our children. That Man was Mr. Cameron Bain who, with his beautiful family still lives in Stoneham. One day it all began when he walked out the door of his home using his car, his feet, trains, buses, and talking with banks, town and state governments, and investors all on his own time and I’m sure getting discouraged from time to time. But this man went on , not to be denied. Character, Courage, and Commitment as he possesses is often futile to combat as we visualize in all great champions of any endeavor. He dreamed and he built and it is now a very positive and useful experience for our young and the participation of adults as well.

You may also know of Mr. Bain’s dream of having a Bikeway and Greenway in Stoneham along the old Railway here in town. Once again, obstacle after obstacle; fight after fight ; even with his own government in battles he should never have had to fight. Once again however; all the forces against him learned no person can be defeated when God is on your side with a man of Goodness, and well meaning intent for his selfless commitment to his community and its people for a better place to live.
Mr. Bain, I’ve known you since we were very young. I respected you then, and I’ve been in awe of your character. You may feel secure in knowing that today, this whole community says ‘Thank You’ sir for living your life as a True American and a Hero and Legend in the Town of Stoneham which you have lived for and loved all of your life. And, we love you and your precious wife and family right back. May God Bless you in health and happiness in your days ahead and I can’t wait until I see you take the ‘First’ Bicycle Ride on ‘Your’ Bike Path. I’ll probably break out in tears knowing what is in that fabulous Heart. Be Well my Friend.

Cindy Hemenway is a passionate community member, Greenway supporter/ activist and has also become a dear friend. I have watched her and Cameron work together tirelessly over the last few years to make the Bikeway/ Greenway become a reality.


Because of neighbors and role models like Cameron and Cindy, my little Vanessa is already passionate about and playing an active role in making Stoneham a better place.

10460245_10152296780677399_4778705668597810901_n July 19, 2014 Greenway/Bikeway Clean-Up Organized by Cindy Hemenway

The work of one, then a few has grown into a major, community-changing effort. A “happy Earth Day” and heartfelt “thank you” to all of the members of the Stoneham Tri-Community Bike/Greenway Committee: Cameron Bain, Dorothy Bergold, Mary Furrier, Bill Murphy, Julie Shulman, Mark Warren, Anthony Wilson (Chair), Dolly Wilson!

It’s amazing what the inspiring work of a group can do to unify a community.


Happy Earth Day!